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Ethical Sourcing

We will always cooperate with you on the basis of responsibility
which not only for your brand but also for humanity & eco-friendly.


  • From sourcing to delivery branded merchandise, we keep our commitment to applying the highest standards of safety in our mind deeply.
  • We believe our responsibility extends beyond the mandatory testing, risk assessments and quality procedures expected.
  • Working closely across the branded material supply chain allows us to maintain full transparency, ensure safer working conditions and avoid any risk to your brand.

Ethical compliance

  • We respect the value of our environment and the health of employees. We will avoid doing business with companies that do not respect these precious values.
  • We respect the conventions concerning child labour, non-forced labour, non-discrimination of employees, freedom of union and collective bargaining, protection of workers representatives, minimum wage fixing, hours of work, occupational safety and health, and expect our suppliers to organise their factories and offices in accordance with these.
  • All supplier companies that we have reasonable doubt about concerning ethical subjects, will be blacklisted as our supplier.


  • We give high priority to sustainability which corporate gifts suppliers and manufacturers should respect.
  • The environment is important now and for the future. We take our responsibility by using sustainable solutions.
  • If your company is using a specific strict strategy, we are capable to comply.

CSR & Sustainability

What you care about is exactly what we care about.