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Wataniya Telecom

Wataniya Telecom is a telecommunications company based in Kuwait. It provides a wide range of mobile, fixed-line, and internet services to its customers. They strives to offer reliable connectivity, innovative solutions, and excellent customer service to meet the communication needs of individuals and businesses in Kuwait and beyond.

Our product solution was designed for a series of outdoor promotional activities, which include high-top hats, EVA cheering hand palms, footballs, custom-shaped EVA slippers, and cross-body bags. Their logo is very simple, and finding the best way to present it is something we need to consider. Therefore, we chose EVA cheering hand palms and custom-shaped EVA slippers that can accommodate large area printing. The custom shapes perfectly showcase the unique personality of the client's brand, which is one of the secrets to the success of promotional gifts. Additionally, the cross-body bag is portable and has a suitable capacity, making it ideal for people to carry their belongings during outdoor activities. Our objective in providing this package is to offer something fun and practical.

Creating a positive response to your brand with a promotional product.

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