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All-at-Home Health Care

In today's competitive business landscape, employee recognition plays a crucial role in boosting morale, increasing productivity, and fostering a positive work environment. One effective way to show appreciation to your employees is by providing them with corporate gifts.

This is an employee onboarding commemorative gift we made for All-at-Home Health Care who is a full service home care agency offering Skilled Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Home Health Aides and GAFC to clients in their homes throughout the Greater Boston area. The gift set includes polar fleece jacket, silicone foldable water bottles, stainless steel insulated mugs, badges, lanyards, key-chains, and pens. We created a drawer-style gift box to get all items together, forming a thoughtful employee commemorative gift set.

Creating a positive response to your brand with a promotional product.

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