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Sustainable commitment to our planet with Eco-friendly branded merchandise & corporate gift ing products
February 02, 2023

Sustainable commitment to our planet with Eco-friendly branded merchandise & corporate gift ing products

In recent years, the topic of environmental protection seems to have become a trend that people always talk about, not only at the national level, but also individual has paid more attention to environmental protection. Therefore, various promotional products made of Eco-friendly material have become very popular these years. For example, Eco-friendly canvas & jute bags, reusable straws and other biodegradable products, they are all excellent products that can be used as promotional gifts.

Normally, people always have a thought that promotional products are disposable, but we want to reverse people's minds and make a positive impact with every production as we always keep the corporate social responsibility and sustainable commitment in our mind, because we know that the future of the merchandise is "Green"!

Based on our experience in marketing, we have always believed that what can make people willing to use it frequently in daily is a good promotional product, and the series of environmental protection gifting products is exactly the excellent option what we want to promote and recommend, and the following series is the products made of straw that we have been produced recently, you may find some products match your brand positioning.

Biodegradable Straw Products

You can create a gift box cover these items, that will be a nice option of promotional solution for food industry, drinking industry and telecom industry, etc.

Pen holder with wireless charging function

That is a very useful promotional product, put it on your offffice table and your phone lay on it, it is convenient to charge your phone and look through your messages at the same time. And also there is a big area to print your brand logo on, is it a perfect promotional product ?

Pen made of straw

This pen is very light to easily hold, it can be packed with the pen holder together as a gift set. If as a individual promotional product, it is also a nice product option for students back to school.

Cutlery set

It is portable cutlery set including a knife, a fork, a spoon and a pair of chopsticks. If you are a brand of food industry, do not ignore this product !

Lunch box

This is a lunch box made of food-safe material, and it can be microwaved, it also has a big area to print your logo on, contact with us to learn more .

Water bottle

A straw material water bottle fulled with coffffee will bring you a relaxing day! We have always thought a water bottle is one of the best promotional product that represents your brand well, after all, every one has to drink water every day, then a water bottle will always at the hand side. Look! In this way, your brand is invisibly engraved in the minds of people !


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