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Is your brewery brand ready to enter people's colorful lives?
March 20, 2023

Is your brewery brand ready to enter people's colorful lives?

The development of beer industry is relatively mature, and beer industry occupies an important component in the alcoholic beverage industry, accounting for about eighty percent of the entire alcoholic beverage market. The thing worthy of attention is that development of craft beer brands has shown strong vitality in recent years.

People's concepts and habits of consumption has been changing a lot, and young consumers are constantly seeking new experiences. Industrial beer with a humdrum taste on the market can not meet the consumers' requirements any more. More and more people like to drink personalized and nutritious beer with a unique taste. So craft beer, which made of much more hops with a high wort & alcohol concentration and bitterness, is increasingly prefer by people.

How to make your brewery brand stand out from this huge craft beer industry?

The reason why craft beer has become so popular is that the craft beer breweries have realized how to promote their brands by various methods. They do not spread out large quantity merchandise on the market as industrial beer breweries do, but they develop hand in hand with craft beer bars, so that consumers can drink beer with elegance and personalized style just like drinking coffee. Therefore, the craft beer has become a product with social attribute. Consumers gather here due to the same interests, then the social consumption is fully reflected here.

Even though the craft beer is increasingly popular, the industrial beer still occupies the bigger share of the market. Even in Belgium, which is famous for its craft beer, the craft beer only occupies 40% market share. However, there are too many different brands in such a small market share. Now the question is how to make your brewery brand stand out from this huge craft beer industry?

For small craft breweries with less advertising spend, it is wiser to use the money invested in advertising to make some promotional products to impress consumers instead! After all, promotional products remain the most successful form of advertising in relation to all other popular mediums, at the same time, the brewery promotional products offer amazing returns on investment.

Let's see some beer promotional products in 2023

As we know , people drink beer not only for good taste pursuit but also for the social needs.
Consider this point, we selected some items meets people's social needs as the beer promotional products for your reference.

Cooler Bag

A cooler bag with cool design! The front red star is a LED light, we can customize it according to your brand logo. The cooler bag with excellent thermal insulation effect can keep the good taste of beer. Consumers can pack and bring beers to go wherever they want. No one can refuse this perfect promotional products!

Neoprene Bag

Comparing with the big cooler bag, this smaller neoprene bag is more convenient for consumers to bring few drinks. There is a prominent position to show your brand logo.


Sometimes we need something to create a relaxed atmosphere in the social occasion. The speaker would be a nice option! It will change the color of the light when it works.


How can we drink beer without a bottle opener? This is an opener with big dimension, it would be a good promotional product to print your brand logo on.


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