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ENPAI Products of the Week: New-Energy Brings New Life Style
March 30, 2023

ENPAI Products of the Week: New-Energy Brings New Life Style

Recently years, new-energy products that are closely relevant to ordinary people should be new-energy vehicles. As an important strategic pillar industry to promote environmental protection and energy security, the new-energy vehicle industry has become an important direction guiding the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry in countries around the world.

When we talk about "new-energy", we are practically talking about a new life style. New energy vehicle has been changing our life to a certain extent. In a long term, new energy vehicles will improve the quality of environment and bring better quality of life to people. In the short term, they can bring the experience of energy-saving to consumers. Therefore, considering the selection of promotional products of new-energy vehicles brands, we have to match peoples life style.

There are some promotional products we made for Tesla, they may bring some inspiration to your brand.

RPET Tote Bag

"I used to be a plastic bottle !"

We have recommended so many bags, why we selected one more? Because this tote bag is made of RPET material, it is a kind of recycled material that perfectly match our new-energy idea. The tote bag with embossed logo looks very high-quality.

Car Cup

It is made of 304 stainless steel with PP. It is a large capacity cup, can fully meet the people's needs of large water intake when they are driving on the way. With excellent thermal insulation effffect, it can keep the good taste of your drinks, no matter it is hot coffffee or ice beverage. At the same time, using this cup instead the disposable cup will make a contribution to environmental protection.

Foldable Cushion

What a useful promotional product it is ! It will be a cushion when it is folded by the zipper, and it can be used as a blanket when it is unfolded. With a small dimension(about 26 x 26 cm), it will not take over much space on your car.

Multi-functional Storage Box

Let's bring everything you need! It is another useful and high-quality promotional product that consumers will love it exactly! It is not only a container, but also a warning board when it is folded.


Head circumference 56-58 cm with 100% cotton. Whether you want to block the sunlight or just cover your unwashed hair, this hat will give you the sense of security that you need(Don't ask me why i have been aware of that)!


It is really necessary to put an umbrella in your car to meet the sudden rainy day! This should go without saying, your brand logo will shine in the rain with your consumers who hold the umbrella!


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