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ENPAI Products of the Week: Go Entertain in Spring!
April 10, 2023

ENPAI Products of the Week: Go Entertain in Spring!

The weather of recent weekends were really wonderful ! Flowers blooming with bright sunshine, and "green" is everywhere as far as we can see. People bring camping outfit with their families or friends to go out and enjoy a relaxing weekend. That seems to be the most popular entertainment in spring. Sure, it is! We forget about the trifles of the past week and think about nothing, just lay on the blanket, share picnic and chat with our families or friends, how cozy it is! Then what is the thing we can't forget to bring? Of course, the beverage! In this warming season, beverage has become indispensable. There is no doubt that various beverage merch has become the necessity at the same time. So this is exactly a good chance to create some promotional products to promote your own brand in the resurgent season, that is believed to be the best way to make consumers impressed!

This month, we have selected 7 products that can be the perfect promotional products for beverage industry:

Catch Ball

Catch Ball

What a nice toy for a camping party with friends! It seems like an unremarkable product, but help enhance the social interaction between friends effffectively. The catch board diameter is 107 mm, the ball diameter is 65 mm. So it is also suitable for children to play with. Also your brand is being spread virtually during people play with the catch ball.

Ice Bucket

Ice Bucket

This ice bucket's dimension is 230(top)x 170(bottom)x 180(height)mm , it is made of tinplate, can put 6 bottles of 190 ml beverage in it at a time, and there is a wide area to print your brand logo on. Without this product, people's camping activities are not perfect!

Cooler Bag

Coca-cola Cooler Bag

It is the product people can use with ice bucket, the cooler bag with excellent thermal insulation effffect can keep the good taste of ice beverage.


Everyone has stuffff lying around the house that they use regularly without even realizing it. And there are various of promotional products that make our life easier, but not all of them are things that most people would purchase by their own. Just think when was the last time you bought a bottle opener? That's why we selected it. When your friends get a bottle ofbeverage, they would appreciate that you take out a pretty opener in time! This opener is made of PP with stainless steel, and it can be customized as your beverage looks.

Reusable Bags

Another product that most people would not purchase by their own, but always use it in daily. This bag is made of non-woven fabric and you can customize its size and printing. To go shopping or go camping , having a couple reusable bags on hand is exactly a necessity nowadays.

Cutlery Set

There is no doubt that this cutlery set is icing on the cake when people go out for camping! This set including a fork, a knife and a spoon, all of them are made of PP with stainless steel. That must be a thoughtful promotional giɇ for consumers.

Tissue Box

What would be the item we must take with us when we go out? I don't know how about you, but for me, the tissue is the most important thing that will be taken with me when i go out except my phone. I believe there are many people are the same as me, so this tissue box as a promotional product will meet people's needs. It can be put in your car, and there are 30 pieces of tissues in it, that's more than enough for an emergency.


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